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A cooler is a person whose luck is so terminally bad that a casino employs him to “cool” winning tables just by sitting down with the winners. I don’t think coolers really exist, but it doesn’t matter: when you begin watching this movie, you’ll willingly suspend your disbelief and forget about the mathematics of luck, just like when ...

Are Casino "Coolers" real?, page 1 - There was a movie called The Cooler a few years ago. It had William H Macy and that was what he did. He was like a really, really unlucky ... Do casinos actually employ ''coolers''? - Quora Do casinos really employ "coolers" to put off players on a winning ... A 'cooler' exists only in the mind of the gambler, not as a statistical fact.

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Coolers | Craps Forum Does anybody else think the casino hires people (Coolers) to walk around and throw you off your game if you are winning? I was at the Plaza in downtown Vegas and there was this one man asking the dumbest questions and NOT EVEN PLAYING standing next to me. Does Cooler really exist? : dbz - reddit

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Ocean Downs Casino - 26 Photos & 64 Reviews - Casinos 64 reviews of Ocean Downs Casino "I've been to my fair share of casinos and this one was not even up to par to even Atlantic City. Aside from being small and having an obnoxious amount of security (which makes you wonder what type of people go… Casino they really exist? - Table Games ... I loved the movie the "cooler," but recently I am on the fence about whether a coolers (employed by the casino) actually exists. When I say "cooler," I am not referring to a guy who has special power to turn the table cold. Casino they really exist? - Table Games ... Do covers exist? There are definitely emotional coolers who come to the table and make people feel better, or worse, while they're there. I've dealt with my fair share of them, both good and bad. Winning or losing coolers- The ultimate master is just the math behind the game.

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Do these people really exist? You hear stories all the time about a hot run of cards are stopped by the pit boss sending in the " cooler".Ironically, pit bosses and casino managers are some of the most superstitious people in the world. (I can't remember if it's. Gold Coast or Casino Royale where they... Do casino coolers exist | Safe gambling free&paid Do "coolers" really exist in Vegas - Las Vegas Forum. Log in or Sign up. Have a gambling question?Casinos exist because people think their winning streaks will go on forever and don't quit when they're ahead Imagine if you could have a sports betting system that can be truly profitable over... Do casinos still use "coolers"? | Yahoo Answers