Dual polarized slot coupled planar antenna with wide bandwidth

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Apr 28, 2017 ... Fractional bandwidth and gain are measured to be 26% and 14 dBi which are ... The realization of on-chip planar antenna array remains to be ... The slot- coupling method is promising for THz antenna designs since the simple ..... of a dual-polarization waveguide slot array antenna with high isolation and ...

11 Apr 2017 ... Recently, a dual-polarized patch antenna fed by a wide balun can ..... “Dual- polarized slot-coupled planar antenna with wide bandwidth,” IEEE ... A Compact Dual-Polarized Double -Shaped Patch Antenna With ... [6] S. Cheng, P. Hallbjörner, and A. Rydberg, “Printed slot planar inverted cone antenna ... printed wide-slot antenna for wide-band applications,” IEEE Antennas. Wireless ... tennas and triangular-ring slot coupled patch antennas,” IEEE Trans. A Broadband Dual-Polarized Printed Antenna 1 Sep 2014 ... a dual-polarized antenna with wide bandwidth and high isolation. ..... M.-S. Leong, and T.-S. Yeo, “Dual-polarized slot-coupled planar antenna. A Broadband Dual-polarized Arm-Overlapped Dipole Antenna for ... 8 Dec 2018 ... Abstract—A broadband dual-polarized dipole antenna with ... excite a third resonance at high frequency band. ... Patch antenna [1] and slot antenna [2] ... A tightly-coupled cross dipole with radiator size of ..... dipole planar antennas: Analysis, design, and application for base station,” IEEE Antennas and.

The antenna consists of a square patch and four capacitively coupled feeds ... The antenna prototype has achieved an impedance bandwidth of 112% at ... Abstract—A novel dual-polarized patch antenna for ultra-wide- ..... Based on the tapered slot and the balun, antennas in [25] and [26] are realized for UWB appli- cation.

A compact multilayer wide-band and high-gain circularly polarized ... Oct 1, 2018 ... A compact multilayer wide-band and high-gain circularly polarized antenna ... present a high-gain wide-band circularly polarized antenna that uses double circular radiation patches and a double Y-shaped slot fed by microstrip line. ... Long, 2015 A dual-frequency broadband design of coupled-fed stacked ...

Dual-polarized slot-coupled microstrip antenna with very high isolation

Dual-polarized slot-coupled planar antenna with wide ... IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ANTENNAS AND PROPAGATION, VOL. 51, NO. 3, MARCH 2003 441 Dual-Polarized Slot-Coupled Planar Antenna With Wide Bandwidth Shi-Chang Gao, Member ...

US3681769A - Dual polarized printed circuit dipole antenna

Design of a dual-polarized microstrip patch antenna with excellent ... patch antenna, fed by double slot-coupled feeds with a 180° phase shift and a .... pled patch antennas with wide-bandwidth and dual-polarization capa- bilities, Proc ... slot-coupled planar antenna for dual polarization, Electron Lett 30. (1994) ... design of dual polarized wideband microstrip antennas a ... - CiteSeerX Jun 15, 2010 ... In this thesis, a wideband dual polarized microstrip antenna is designed, ... two coupling slots within the boundaries of the patch antenna. ... the antenna structure with a planar electromagnetic field simulation software ..... In general, the frequency bandwidth of the microstrip antennas is at most few percents ... Low-Profile and Dual-polarized Microstrip Antennas Abstract 1 ... - URSI Jun 1, 2018 ... impedance bandwidth, Antenna 1 applies grid-slotted radiating ... (antiphase TM20 mode), and coupled with basic TM10 mode. It is fed ... Antenna 2 using cross-shaped patch with slot-loaded ... dual-polarized microstrip antenna has attracted wide ..... 2-D Planar Cavity Antenna with Chessboard Structure,”.